Getting confidence back after a fall

Here's another patient who has benefitted from the support of our community therapists.

“I needed to get my confidence back after the fall.”

Michael Hodson had a fall at home and banged his head.

“I can’t remember it happening but know that I had about three falls over a couple of weeks,” explained the 79-year-old who lives with his wife Ann.

“The physios have been in every day since it happened and I’ve used a rotunda to help get me out of the chair.  It has been a big help to my wife too. I needed to get my confidence back after the fall.”

Ann said: “With Michael it’s been his confidence that has been the biggest thing because he has been anxious which I can understand after having a fall.

“The therapists have been fantastic with him but have also helped me too because the equipment they can give us to use just makes everything so much easier when you’re trying to manage at home.

“This is a really good service for people who want to be at home but need some extra help – where would we be without them?”

Posted by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Wednesday, September 27, 2017 6:41:00 PM Categories: Community services