Foundation Trust

What does it mean to be a Foundation Trust

One of the key features of having foundation trust status is that it gives Walsall Healthcare the ability to work with an active and representative membership. 

NHS foundation trusts can be more responsive to the needs and wishes of their local communities - anyone who lives in our constituency areas or works for a Foundation Trust can become a member of the Trust.  These members elect the council of governors. This gives staff and local people a real stake in the future of their health services.

NHS Foundation Trusts are public benefit corporations and differ from other NHS Trusts in that they: 

  • Have a constitution,
  • Are able to invest in local services and buildings according to local priorities
  • Are able to retain surpluses and/or borrow money to improve local services and buildings
  • Are able to restructure and modernise more easily to improve capacity and efficiency
  • Are not subject to directions from the Secretary of State for Health
  • Are not performance managed by the Strategic Health Authority or Department of Health
  • Are accountable to local people
  • Are regulated by Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts.

Achieving NHS Foundation Trust status and the opportunities that this presents to engage differently with the population we serve and our staff is not an add-on or a luxury - it is at the heart of our plans for the future.

NHS Foundation Trust status will:

  • allow us to strengthen further our links with our public members
  • enable us to develop a more engaged workforce
  • give us flexibility to invest in our services and facilities
  • ensure that we are a well-governed effective organisation.

We believe that becoming an NHS Foundation Trust is entirely consistent with our commitment to strive constantly to be the best at whatever we do i.e. delivering the highest standards of care to our patients, training our healthcare professionals for the future and pushing back the boundaries in biomedical research. NHS Foundation Trusts share all the same values, quality and safety standards as NHS Trusts. Where they differ fundamentally is that they are free from central government control, which means that they can respond much more quickly and effectively to the needs of their patients locally.  Moreover, they are accountable to their staff, patients and stakeholders who can apply to become Members of Foundation Trust organisations

Our vision for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is to provide first class, integrated healthcare for the people we serve, in the right place, at the right time. Becoming a Foundation Trust will help us to achieve this vision. We believe the move will make us a more integrated, flexible organisation able to tailor our services to the needs of local people.

Our consultation ended on 14 May 2012. Click on the image to see an archive of the consultation. FTFORM