Emergency and Acute Care

Emergency and Acute care within Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust looks after patients with severe injuries, an episode of illness, an urgent medical condition or patients recovering during surgery.

Clinical Director, Ruchi Joshi and Denise Fraser, Matron both proactively lead the clinical teams of this care group. Deputy Divisional Director, Jo Adams fills the position of Care Group Manager and operates the business and services side of the care group, working with the clinical teams to conduct reviews and ensure we meet targets.

There are approximately xx beds across the Emergency and Acute care group and xxx colleagues who work within the care group striving to ensure the safety of our patients on a daily basis.  

Emergency and Acute care is one of the busiest care groups seeing an average of xxx patients a day.

Our Emergency and Acute Care Group is made up of the following services.

Accident and Emergency

AMU Specialist Therapies

Short Stay

Ambulatory Care