Council of Governors

Our Proposed Council of Governors

The Role of the Governor

The Governors will have statutory functions and roles to carry out as defined in the Health and Social Care Act, these include:

  • To appoint the Chair and Non-executive Directors of the NHS FT;
    • To approve the appointment of the Chief Executive of the NHS FT;
    • To appoint and remove the NHS FT's External Auditors;
    • At the Annual General Meeting, to consider the NHS FT's Annual Accounts, auditor's report and annual report;
    • To set the remuneration of Non-executive Directors;
    • To be consulted, by the Board of Directors, on the development of forward plans for the NHS FT and any significant changes to health care services provided.

In addition, the Governors of the FT will contribute to:

  • Leading membership development - ensuring new members are attracted to join the organisation and existing members find the membership scheme vibrant and engaging;
    • Membership engagement and communication;
    • Developing Trust strategy and annual plan priorities;
    • Patient and Public Involvement.

Where the Council of Governors has the lead responsibility for decision making, they will be guided by the Chair and the Director of Governance  and  Trust Secretary. The Constitution of the FT lays out how the Council of Governors will exercise its statutory responsibilities.

In addition to this, the new Health & Social Care Act 2012 contains additional duties and powers for Governors including approval of an application by the Trust to enter into a merger or acquisition and approval of any proposed increases in private patient income of 5% or more in any financial year.

The Council of Governors does not undertake the operational management of NHS foundation trusts; rather they provide a vital link to the wider community, challenge to the board of directors and collectively hold them to account for the trust's performance.  Governors have a real say in the future priorities, who fills key posts on the Board, and in holding the Board to account.

Where the Council of Governors engages with work led by the Board of Directors, individual governors will be invited to take on a lead role. They will participate in working groups to be established by the Directors and report their progress to fellow Governors.

The Trust intends to fully embrace the additional opportunity that being an FT presents. The Council of Governors will be a key element in ensuring a voice for every community of stakeholders served by the Trust, including our staff.

As a result, we are proposing to have 27 governors, made up of 22 Elected Governors from the public  and  staff  constituencies  and  five  Nominated  Governors  from  our  local Stakeholder organisations as described in the Table below:-


Table of Governors