Busy unit but a great place to work!

It’s one of the busiest environments in Walsall’s Manor Hospital but staff who work on the Acute Medical Unit say it’s the best place to gain experience and have praised the support they get from Doctors and Consultants.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is currently recruiting for nurses to work on the unit which cares for patients who require an urgent medical assessment and short stay.

And existing staff have been sharing their experiences via social media to encourage potential colleagues to come forward.

AMU Senior Sister Kelly Saville said: “We’re currently looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to join us and be part of an important nursing team.

“We work in a busy, 45-bedded unit, where there are opportunities to rotate to each area giving anyone who does want to join us varied experiences within the field of Emergency Care. Colleagues will be supported to maintain their professional development through our Training and Education Centre, as well as our own in-house teaching programme.”

Sian Cadman, 24, is one of Walsall Healthcare’s new Nursing Associates.

"I have learned so much working on AMU - from toileting patients to dealing with cardiac monitors and there's nowhere like it for that experience," she said.

"I find that Doctors and Consultants treat me well, we're part of a team and they see me as important to the team. And my own colleagues pushed me to become a Nursing Associate which also shows how supportive they are, building your confidence.

FY2 Junior Doctor Crisel Bridgeman said: "It is fast paced and one of the busiest places to work.

"You never get an identical day and the hours go by so quickly because there is always so much to do. It is hard work but you do get experience of patients of all ages with all sorts of conditions which you wouldn't come into contact with anywhere else."

Staff Nurse Kate Bird has been working on the unit for a year and describes the support she has from colleagues as “really good.”

“Working in AMU is hard, there’s a lot of responsibility attached to it because of how ill the patients are and the fact that things can change in a short space of time,” the 25-year-old explained.

“We see patients with a wide range of conditions and I do remember feeling a bit nervous before I gained any experience on AMU. You might see a patient with a heart condition that means they’re going to need specialist cardiology care, possibly leading to a pacemaker being fitted. While they’re under our care we will be assisting Consultants and Doctors and you have to remain calm under pressure so that you are a help and support.

“I would say to anyone coming out of University, wondering where they want to work to come in at the deep end with AMU. To come here after working on the wards would be a massive shock I think. Personally, I find the pace of the wards isn’t for me. While it is so busy and demanding on AMU I like that fast pace and think the experience I’ve gained is really valuable. I’m always learning something new.

“But the support is here too, it’s really good. I couldn’t do the job without that support. If there’s anyone reading this who’s wondering if they should try AMU I’d tell them to definitely give it a go. You might surprise yourself and you’ll be proud of the part you’ve played in helping patients every day

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