The Department of Breast Surgery

Walsall Healthcare Breast Care Team are No.1 nationally for the hitting the 31/62 day cancer targets!

The breast surgery department consists of three dedicated breast consultant surgeons:

Mr P.T Brookes – Lead Clinician

Miss M.Heitmann- Consultant Surgeon

Mr M.I. Kasana – Consultant Breast Oncoplastic & Reconstructive Surgeon.

The department offers a full range of breast assessment and treatment for benign and malignant breast conditions. Breast reconstruction is performed on site routinely.

Three consultant delivered rapid access clinics are held each week (Tuesday / Wednesday and Thursday). Here new patients are seen in a “one stop” approach, with clinical assessment, imaging and biopsy being performed on the day.

Results of biopsy are discussed at the Multi Disciplinary Team meeting and patients are reviewed in a separate clinic with breast care nurse support.

There is a team of breast care nurses:

Ms Lisa Summers – Macmillan Nurse Consultant

Ms Jayne Kanwar-Macmillan Advance Nurse Practitioner

Ms Jenni Hodgetts Macmillan CNS Breast Care

Ms Naz Qureshi ​ Macmillan CNS Breast Care

Ms Melanie Jones ​ Macmillan CNS Breast Care

Ms Michelle Thomas – support worker

The department is also a dedicated breast screening unit, in collaboration with City / Sandwell Hospital. It represents one of the largest screening units in the country.

Radiology support is provided to both the screening and symptomatic service by City / Sandwell.

A full range of breast screening is provided including, Vacuum assisted biopsy and excision, localisation of impalpable lesions and MRI.

The unit participates in local and national audits and is compliant with QA assessment.

Patients are seen and treated within the 62/31 day cancer targets.

Oncology is provided by Dr Chetti and Dr S Yayha

The unit is supported by a senior surgical trainee from the West Midlands deanery.

The department is multi-disciplinary and the weekly MDT is held on Wednesday afternoons.

Oncoplastic Breast Reconstructive Surgery

The department of breast surgery is able to offer reconstructive surgery for those undergoing mastectomy, with implant based reconstruction with ADM / dermal sling and Extended Latissimus Dorsi flap + implant. Patients are also offered DIEP flap reconstruction when appropriate and are referred to plastic surgical colleagues at City / Sandwell for this procedure.

In-house nipple reconstruction is performed and nipple areola tattooing will be provided in the near future.

Delayed reconstruction for patients having had prior mastectomy is also available.

Oncoplastic techniques such as mammoplasty and lipodermal modelling are also routinely employed to ensure a good cosmetic result from breast conservation.

Symmetriastion procedures such as reduction mastopexy or augmentation are also performed routinely as part of the patient’s cancer treatment.

Patients are seen in the weekly (Monday afternoon) dedicated oncoplastic (& breast reconstruction) clinic lead by Mr Kasana who is the lead for breast reconstruction. This clinic is supported by a breast care nurse and allows a detailed discussion regarding the oncoplastic options available for each patient.

Information for patients

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Referral to the Service

Self-referrals are not accepted. GP referrals only.