The death of a baby is an experience that no parent is ever prepared for. It is a situation where the effects of grief are both devastating and overwhelming. It is a particularly difficult time for parents that result in feelings of disorientation and isolation. As a unit the staff are here to provide you as a family with all of the support you require to help you through this difficult time.
The staff will support you in any decisions you make leading up to or following the death of your baby, ensuring whenever possible your requests are upheld. Sensitivity is at the fore front of our staff and everything possible will be done to enable you to cherish the moments with your baby and family.
You will be given the opportunity to spend as much time with your baby in the privacy of your own room, giving time to cuddle and say goodbye to your baby.
Family and friends will be able to visit as they too have to come to terms with a loss.
Bathing and dressing your baby is one of personal choice, you may wish to dress your baby in special clothes or place a special toy/blanket with your baby.
Religious ceremonies can be performed at your request. We have a multi faith chaplaincy department that offer a 24 hour service.
We have a medical photography department who can take photos of yourselves with your baby if you wish. You are also welcome to take personal photos as well as ink hand and foot prints. When possible a lock of baby hair may be taken.
Following Death
A post mortem examination may be offered to you following the death of your baby for better understanding of the disease process. This is optional and cannot be done without your consent unless the death of your baby has been passed to the coroner.
Registering the baby is a legal requirement; in some cases you will be asked to register the birth as well as the death at the same time. You will be guided on this and given the relevant information needed.
Although you are likely to be overwhelmed by grief at this time it is important that you take care of yourself and ensure you have your post-natal check.
At this very difficult time we understand that you may not always ask all questions that you think, therefore if at a later date you wish to talk to someone this can be arranged.