Annual Excellence Awards 2018

We are pleased to announce that this year's nomination process is now officially open!

It’s now your opportunity to nominate those teams or individuals that should be celebrated and deserves recognition for going above and beyond with either an outstanding contribution, achievement or innovation for this year’s Awards.

The categories for this year’s awards are:

  • Respect Award: Open, transparent and honest and treats everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Compassion Award: Values people and behaves in a caring, supportive and considerate way.
  • Professionalism Award: Proud of what we do and motivated to make improvements, develop and grow.
  • Teamwork Award: Understands that to achieve the best outcomes, we must work in partnership with others.
  • Safe, High Quality Care Award: Provides safe, high quality care across all our services.
  • Integrated Care at Home Award: Cares for patients at home whenever we can.
  • Working in Partnership Award: Works closely with partners in Walsall and surrounding areas.
  • Colleague of the Year Award: Valuing our colleagues.
  • Innovation to Service Delivery Award: Uses resources well to make improvements to service delivery.
  • Unsung Hero Award: Someone that sets the world alight by simply doing their job, day in day out.

All nominations received will be put to a panel to shortlist and choose the overall winner for each of the categories.  The winners will be announced at the Annual Excellence Awards 2018.

You will need to specify the category for nomination and detail how the team/individual promoted our Values and Strategic Objectives.

For further information, please contact Cara Fraser or via ext. 7188.