Acute Stroke

What we do

We care for all adult patients who have had an acute stroke. Patients are admitted directly from A+E or via other wards if a stroke has been diagnosed after admission.

The stroke nurses assess patients in A+E and if appropriate patients are given thrombloysis (clot busting treatment) after been assessed by a consultant. Thrombolysis can only be given within 4.5 hrs after a stroke

Following admission to A+E patients may receive the following

  • Routine brain scan within ideally within 12 hrs
  • Urgent brain scan within 1 hr if required
  • Transfer to the stroke unit within 4 hrs
  • Swallow screen within 4 hrs
  • Swallow assessment within 24-48 hrs
  • Physiotherapy assessment within 24 hrs
  • Occupational therapy assessment within 24hrs
  • Aspirin within 24hrs if appropriate
  • Individual treatment plan

The stroke consultants are available on the ward most days.

Rehabilitation and planning for home is commenced as soon as possible, physiotherapist and occupational therapist are available on the ward 6 days a week and provide an individual plan of rehabilitation. A ward stroke social worker is available on the ward Monday to Friday.

A psychologist visits the ward weekly for patients who require psychological support and we also have ‘stroke buddies’ which is a volunteer service that visits the ward twice a week and they are very good listeners who have either previously suffered a stroke or cared for someone who has.

Once a patient is ready for discharge they are usually discharged home either with or without early rehabilitation at home or transferred to a rehabilitation unit within Walsall community.

Following discharge stroke patients are transferred to the community stroke team ( see community stroke team page). All patients going home will receive a post discharge telephone call at 2 weeks and a visit at 6 weeks by the community stroke nurse. There is also a Stroke Association support worker who will contact the patient after discharge to offer advice and support .

We also have a daily rapid access TIA ( mini stroke) clinic available 7 days a week, people who have had a TIA can be refered by their GP nor A+E and are seen within 24 hrs if required.

Hours of Operation

  • Acute stroke including thrombolysis 24 hours
  • TIA clinic – every morning

Service Locations

  • Acute stroke – ward 1 (route240)
  • TIA clinic : Monday-Friday in outpatients
  • Weekends on ward 1

Are self referrals accepted? 


How to access the service/Referral contact information

Ward: via Accident and Emergency 
TIA clinic via GP or Accident and Emergency


Service Lead

Dr Epstein : contact via hospital switchboard
Sonia Jenkinson: Lead Nurse bleep: 8278
TIA nurse : bleep: 5080