The Equality Delivery System

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In November 2011, the Department of Health formally introduced the Equality Delivery System, which has been developed and designed by the NHS, for the NHS, and was sponsored and supported by the Equality and Diversity Council (EDC).

The purpose of the EDS is to facilitate the delivery of a service that is personal, fair and diverse. The EDS will support NHS organisations to drive up equality performance and embed equality into mainstream NHS business. It has been designed to help NHS organisations, in the current and new NHS structures, to meet the requirements of the public sector Equality Duty. The EDS will also support NHS organisations to meet the equality aspects of the NHS Constitution, the NHS Outcomes Framework, Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards, and the Human Resources Transition Framework.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is using the EDS framework as a key mechanism through which it will deliver on its commitment to local transparency on performance, doing so through the active involvement of staff and the public in the setting of objectives and monitoring of performance for equality. The EDS programme within Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is championed by committed leadership with a workforce that is supported to be confident and competent in dealing with equality.


Our performance against the goals and objectives set by the EDS has been graded to ensure that we are providing robust and accurate information and setting action plans that guarantee we go beyond our legal requirements and place equality values at the foundation of everything we do for patients and staff. Below, we have published the results of our first grading which has highlighted key areas for development and informed our equality objectives. This table provides the overview of how we have ranked ourselves against each of the EDS goals and the full grading report.

The grading report is currently under review and will appear here shortly.