Imaging Team pioneer the #hellomynameis campaign

Imaging Team pioneer the #hellomynameis campaign in the Trust and encourage others to get involved!

Over the last 12 months, Sinead Donnelly, Radiographer in the Trust’s Imaging Team has been inspired by a fast growing social media campaign ‘#hellomynameis’ and has worked hard to embed the values within her team. Sinead is now encouraging other teams to learn more about the campaign and the positive effect it can have upon your patient’s experience.

Sinead came to hear about the campaign through Twitter where it has received a great amount of support.  #hellomynameis focuses on the simple, courteous act of a healthcare worker introducing themselves to a patient before delivering care. It was founded and pioneered by Dr Kate Granger, a terminally patient receiving care herself who observed that not many staff looking after her took the time to introduce themselves to her. Kate felt that just a simple introduction upon meeting built trust between the patient and caregiver, made a human connection and was demonstrating compassionate care.

After reading more about this campaign and Kate Granger’s personal story, Sinead agreed that as a healthcare worker, patient communication was a main priority in providing a better experience for the patient and that this was a great way to improve patient care within her team.

Sinead set about introducing the idea to her team members, which was well received and supported, especially by management. Sinead’s colleagues in the Imaging department were on board with this new initiative and morale was boosted. The current pressures on the hospital allowed the team to take a step back, remind themselves of the importance of positive patient experience and introduce themselves to help create a bond and put the patient at ease.

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Team members visited the Trust’s Clinical Photography department to get their photographs taken to appear on the #hellomynameis campaign materials including pull up banners which are situated in the Imaging A and Outpatient Route 005 reception areas.

The team have fully embedded the campaign and have noticed a real difference since making a conscious effort to introduce themselves to every patient. Not only has it created a nicer environment to work in and promoted a positive team spirit, the team have also noticed that it seems to have gained them a lot more respect from their patients, particularly with those of the older generation. A lot more positive feedback has also been received.

Sinead envisages that through the right promotion and encouragement from management, other departments within the Trust will get involved and begin to support this. She said:  

“This is a simple campaign that promotes better communication not only between patients and staff but extending to all staff within the Trust and goes hand-in-hand with the Trust promises.”

Sinead also wants to encourage student doctors to get involved and pick up this habit of introducing themselves which will stay with them throughout their career. Sinead is happy to help others, have a chat with colleagues in order for them to set up the campaign within their teams. The #hellomyname is website also offers an array of resources to enable teams to promote the campaign including posters, print ready logos, badges and you can follow Dr Kate Granger’s Twitter page and keep updated with her latest news.


Twitter: @GrangerKate



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